New way to search for liquidity in emerging and frontier markets Zeroflows is an innovative informational platform that enables market participants to intelligently seek and share insights on liquidity in emerging and frontier market equities.

Buyer of Hero Supermarket
Great, I have a natural seller
Buyer of Bank of Ceylon
Let me ask around
Buyer of Hero Supermarket
Nothing now, will come back if see any flow
Seller of Unilever Ghana
Had a buyer few weeks back, need to check
Seller of InRetail Peru
Let me ask around
Number of funds on platform:
Dedicated AUM:
Active Indications:
Sri Lanka


Address the many challenges of trading low liquidity emerging and frontier equities with a unique, yet simple and effective system.

Uncover Natural Liquidity

Zeroflows helps you decide where to reach out for liquidity.

Break Down Informational Walls

Get information directly from the source; avoid middlemen.

Reduce Information Leakage

Disclose your interests only to parties that have actionable interests on the other side.

Get a Bird’s Eye View

Deep liquidity insights without the need for direct set up.

Take Control of Your Insights

Choose when and to whom you show your hand.

Preserve Existing Counterparty Arrangements

Continue to transact with existing counterparties while dramatically expanding local liquidity reach.

Bridge liquidity gap in developing markets

Emerging and frontier markets demand a different approach in liquidity search than developed markets. Zeroflows offers a unique combination of electronic and offline solutions, which augment your liquidity search to point you in the direction of true natural matches.

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