Our Privacy Policy and Cookies
  • Zeroflows collects information about the Customer and you through the Services, including your password and log in details and a history of offers for sales and purchase. Zeroflows only uses this information in order to provide the Services.
  • Zeroflows will keep your information secure and only disclose it to third parties where they need this information in order to provide an element of the Services.
  • If the Customer has any questions about how Zeroflows handles its data or wants to see what data Zeroflows holds about the Customer, please contact Zeroflows using the details in these Terms and Conditions. A small fee may be payable.
  • The websites and tools that operate the Services use cookies. Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to devices by websites when visited by users. They can improve user experience of a website, for example, by remembering preference settings and tracking website usage so that it can be improved to meet user needs.
  • Zeroflows only uses 'strictly necessary' cookies when performing the Services. These cookies are essential to the Services, for example to log in using your username and password or to comply with the law, such as to keep your information safe. The cookies are 'session' cookies meaning that they expire and are deleted from your device when you log off or close your browser. Zeroflows would not be able to operate the Services without using the "strictly necessary" cookies. The Customer can disable these cookies using the controls in your web browser, but if strictly necessary cookies are disabled, the Customer will not be able to properly access or use the Services.
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