• Zeroflows Local Broker Call With Former Global Head Of Trading of Major Fund


    Zeroflows hosted a call for Elite members with the former head of Global Trading at a major fund to discuss emerging trends and how best to approach funds, it was pointed that funds are seeking an execution only model and care greatly about these issues: Information Leakage: Recognising the importance of the information given to local brokers, brokers are either in a position to harm or help asset managers. He warned against disclosing such information to others, nothing frustrates funds

  • Zeroflows Launches Colour and Request Details for Asset Managers


      Zeroflows is growing with local brokers contributing liquidity information from over 30 markets. We continue to listen to our users and introduce new features.   While asset managers are keen to get liquidity insights from institutions on the ground, they are often apprehensive in seeking information due to leakage concerns. Zeroflows addressed this by introducing a feature enabling anonymous information requests from a wide network of local brokers. One click feedback ensures timely and quality insights.  Insights in turn

  • Navigator is Released on Zeroflows


    Zeroflows launches Navigator, allowing you to see which local broker has been most active in a name of interest. The Navigator aims to provide intelligence that will guide you to the most relevant local broker in a particular stock. Most importantly it shows how you are connected to that broker through your existing contacts.   Zeroflows Navigator offers the following: The total number of shares traded The number of corporate activities arranged Historical IOI’s Common counterparty connections Try out Navigator for a smarter liquidity search.

  • Zeroflows Releases the 2017 Frontier Markets Commission Benchmarking Study


    Survey brings clarity to commission rates and fees in over 40 frontier markets. Zeroflows is announcing the release of the 2017 Markets Commission Benchmarking Study. This study is the first of its kind to focus exclusively on the frontier equities asset class and have all of its participants manage dedicated Frontier Markets strategy funds. The survey offers extensive insights on forty-four countries. The study came about as a result of a roundtable on frontier market trading, which Zeroflows held

  • Zeroflows featured in October issue of African Global Funds Magazine


    In October issue of Africa Global Funds Magazine, Yan Gloukhovski, Founder of Zeroflows, discusses challenges and solutions to liquidity search in African Markets. Liquidity Search – New Approach for African Markets

  • Zeroflows holds a Buyside Roundtable on trading in Frontier Markets


    Zeroflows held a first roundtable focused on challenges of trading equities in Frontier Markets. Rountable was attended by dealers from several London based Frontier Funds. Topics discussed included liquidity search challenges, counterparty risk issues, transaction costs as well as challenges of unbundling in frontier markets.